Everyone needs a teepee...

Surely everyone needs a teepee in their lives?! Sure we can kid ourselves and say it's for the children, but really there is a big kid in all of us that still gets excited and thrilled when you see the telltale ash poles of a teepee saluting at the sky, and the idea in general of a cosy den - a little place to hide away and play in. Dens, and teepees in particular, are very nostalgic for me. They take me back to when I was young and being chased by a cowboy at the bottom of the garden, or being forced to watch old black and white western films with my granddad. 

Our teepees are very special. Each one is made by hand with child like imagination and enthusiasm.


We harvest the iconic ash poles from local woodlands. In Oxfordshire we are fortunate enough to explore the woodlands on the Blenheim Palace Estate, the landscape of which are vast and magical; you never know what wildlife you may stumble upon, or enchanted gems!


We managed to get four poles out of this tree and taking it out meant that the young Oak trees around it could have a better chance of growing well. What we didn't use was processed and used for fire wood.


Once the pole are cut it's back to the workshop to start skinning the poles, exposing the lovely pale white timber.


If ever you are feeling blue, take a trip to the woods and it will inspire you and lift your spirits. My favourite time to go is in the autumn when the leaves are falling gently, like rain drops. There is nothing quite like it. 





The skinning process requires a lot of patience. Depending on the overall height of the teepee, these poles can be 2.5m long, so a lot of bark needs to be taken off. When we have a spare moment we need to make ourselves a shaving/draw bench, where you can clamp the poles down and stop them wriggling out of our grip.  We also need to upgrade the bill hook to a proper draw knife!


Upon special request a black board was added to this teepee for extra playfulness!


Delivered with two complimentary willow bow and arrows to get the games started...


Another happy customer using her teepee for animal hospital games!

Imogen Radford