300 metres to the finish!

In October 2016 we completed one of our largest ever fences... 

The fence was for a customer in Henley on Thames, and was made up of two parts; one fence stretched to 180 metres and the other to 90 metres, both with a finished height of 2 metres. A fence of this size was going to require a significant amount of willow and hazel - not forgetting the man hours. We were excited to get started, as this was a unique project where, as a team, we could really get stuck into weaving, hone our skill and possibly even achieve some PBs! We spent 1 week harvesting hazel and willow from Blenheim Palace woodlands and the willow field in Oxfordshire. We needed 600 zales (hazel uprights) and 390 bundles of thick willow. 

As the whole WonderWood team were working together again, like we did before the Oxfordshire branch opened, we thought we better re fuel each day properly and eat together as a team. It was such huge project and we were weaving all day, which really takes its toll on your muscles (and morale!) - so it's important to keep well fed and watered. 

Leo was set to work pointing all 600 hazel zales while Tim lined out and bored out the holes for the uprights along the fence line. Immy and Jacob unloaded and laid out the willow and irons were post rammed in. The set up of a fence is always the most time consuming part. You can hope that it will take no more than 1.5-2 hours on a normal job (that's if you do not come up against tree roots, concrete, pipes and so on.) In the case of this fence it took us nearly two days of set up. 

In the end, the fence in its entirety took us 3 weeks to weave; a mammoth effort by all the WonderWood team. We were all so happy with what we had acheieved and are delighted to know that the customer was very happy too! We are back at the same property this year in the next few weeks to complete another 180 meters for the driveway. Let's see what a difference a year makes!  


Jacob, solely weaved 180 meters in one day!

Leo pointed 600 hazel zales in 2 hours. WITHOUT moaning.

If this project has inspired you, then please do get in contact with us. We are always happy to discuss new projects, ideas and advise on what could be possible. We offer a free quotation service and, depending on the project, can carry out a site visit. We look forward to hearing from you!