Let's make an entrance...

Last summer, we were given the opportunity to weave a fence along the front of a customer's property - around 50 meters in total. The fence was to provide and extension of height to a low cotswolds stone wall, keeping children and an adventurous dog in. The fence was front of house, and needed to be perfectly beautiful and make all the right impressions to visitors and the home owners.

We really enjoyed weaving this fence. The curves of the wall have been successful mirrored by the willow and the woven, willowy, roll top along the top of the fence has defined the lines of boundary beautifully.  We do relish weaving privacy extensions; it's satisfying to provide privacy and extend the height of a wall, fence or hedge without interfering with it in any way, or covering it up. We like to see willow working alongside other materials and textures. And, after all, if you've waited 5 years already for a hedge to grow, or you have a stunning red brick or cotswold stone wall, why cover it up?

If this project has inspired you and you would like to discuss with us your ideas for a future project, big or small, please do get in contact. We are always happy to hear from customers and to advise on what is possible. We look forward to hearing from you.