I stood there, dumb founded, shaken, cold with confusion and uncertainty. I called out for Chris, first a little wimper, then a mumbled squawk, and then a desperate outburst... 


"What?' Chris stood and stared at me, then followed my startled gaze to the sauces section. The realisation of the situation soon became clear. In the most tolerant and understanding voice he could muster, he sarcastically asked, "Oh dear, what are you going to do?"

I shuddered. "What the hell is going on? Why was I not warned, not notified?" 

What had happened was unthinkable. Hellmann's had decided to take it upon themselves to alter the branding of their mayonnaise bottles without telling me. I was overwhelmed by the confusion of branding. The fear of making the fatal mistake and buying 'lighter' or (oh my lord) 'lighter than light' was real! Then there was the imposter: 'Hellmann's with olive oil'.

I took the plunge and chose the bottle with the familiar navy blue branding, and hoped for the best. Last night I had to open it; my mackerel was looking lonely. Luckily, it was all ok; it was real mayonnaise. Life can go on. I just felt I needed to share this story in case anyone else was headed for the same amount of shock and horror when doing their weekly shop.

You can thank me later.



Here are some other examples of mayonnaise brands which could give you the same awful fright when you get them home and realise the horrible mistake you have made. Led down the garden path and just left there sauceless.