Restoring Light and Privacy

I've just spent a little over a week in the one of the quietest villages I have ever had the pleasure of working - or even being - in. People there spent their days walking dogs, cycling and chatting to neighbours, and the only real traffic was the sound of clip clopping as horses wandered through. In one day I must have seen 12 horses. When I turned up in the mornings to start weaving I would practically tip toe around, trying really hard not to disturb the peace! 

It is in the lovely village of Church Westcote that our willowy fence now proudly sits. It is over 30 meters in length and stands at a height of around 2 meters. The aim of this fence was to restore some privacy for the beautiful, wild garden that the fence sits in. We decided to add an additional 3 meters to the fence to continue it round the corner to the roadside boundary so that the weave flowed beautifully and the customer benefited from seamless lines and curvy corners. 

It was a challenging fence as I had to weave it back to front; usually we weave a fence from what we call the 'clean side' (the side with no cuts on). The other side is known as the 'working side'. So I was weaving from the working side, which meant each rod had to be put in from over the fence. Despite the challenges I am pleased with the results and passers by voiced their positivity, too, which is always appreciated and welcomed! 


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