Oh, she's Mognificent!

Since setting up in Oxfordshire in 2015, it has been my goal to own a Unimog. Tim and the boys have one in Cambridge so it's only fair that I have one, too! ... Well, third year here... and I am proud to say - here she is! 


Half of our time at WonderWood is spent in a very wet willow field, harvesting and sorting rods for each job we undertake. Getting in and out with a truck and trailer doesn't go without its challenges - not least getting stuck or sinking in the boggy ground, but there is also the inevitable risk of puncture on the coppiced stools. A Unimog has a lot going for it; it has a high, wide wheel base, plus it is an absolute BEAST! 

So, I finally have my own. I adore her and I've named her Mog, and I have plans to give her a new paint job and some monster truck tyres to really spruce up for show season. Her very own "mog-over"...

Our stand just got a whole lot cooler... G+Ts in the Mog anyone?!

Imogen Radford