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About us


Our story so far

WonderWood began in 2006 with Tim’s passion to create beautiful, sustainable fences and structures that complement, and blend into, the landscape whilst also being a part of it.

Coupled with a Series two Land Rover and a duffel bag holding a bill hook and a hammer, Tim began to weave willow fences for aesthetically conscious customers who wanted a fence, but also an organic work of art. He is now one of the most renowned woven fencers in the country, with an equally fantastic team of fencers behind him. Amid work for private customers, WonderWood now also work for large developers within East Anglia.

Interested in expanding his expertise, Tim opened Foxcotte five years ago; a landscaping outlet in his village of Barton, Cambridgeshire. This is now the base for Tim’s work. Foxcotte works alongside WonderWood to transform your plans into reality – whether it be paving, decking or your own unique idea.

In 2004, Tim’s family farm, Burwash Manor in Barton, hosted the National Hedge Laying competition which was an inspiration to Tim. Hedge laying is a perfect skill to couple with natural fencing due to the sustainability of the two. This art has been pursued and perfected, resulting in Tim winning the National Trust hedge laying competition six times - the most recent being that of February 2017.

In 2015 Imogen Radford, Tim’s sister, joined the WonderWood team. Imogen shares Tim’s passion and now has opened an additional base for WonderWood in Oxfordshire.


meet the Team

'Mad as a box of frogs they may be, but they’re my team and I love them' -Tim Radford Read more


Annie rose- 'the boss'

Annie is now three years old- but don't be fooled by her tininess and her blonde locks; she runs a tight ship here at WonderWood. Always leading by example and showing those not pulling their weight how its done!

Tim- 'the troll'

Tim, a champion weaver, hedge layer, barrel roller and beer drinker, is the dreadlocked founder and owner of WonderWood and Foxcotte, and dad to Annie and Oskar. His ethos to a good day's work is simple; a day has not begun until you've dug a hole.

Immy- 'the cake eater'

Imogen, Tim's younger sister, has been weaving in Oxfordshire for the last two years but has been annoying and winding up Tim for the last 27 years; an art that she has practically perfected. Immy's team in Oxford consists of her two faithful fox red Labradors, Belle and B, and her main loves are mayonnaise and cake.

Jacob- 'mini me'

Often mistaken for Tim's younger brother, or even his son, Jacob is in fact not related to Tim at all. He has been weaving with Tim for eight years now and has been growing his dreadlocks for three. Jacob has become one of the country's best weavers - his attention to detail is second to none - and he now builds the majority of the woven fencing jobs around East Anglia.  

Chris- 'just ask chris'

Chris, Immy's right hand man and partner, supports WonderWood Oxford at shows and is roped in as extra muscle and chainsaw power in the willow field. Chris is a qualified forester - which is very handy if tree work is needed on site. Chris is not such a fan of mayonnaise, but on show days he will come back from the WI tent laden with cakes.

Bex- 'spell check'

Bex is Tim's partner and mum to Annie and Oskar. She lives for grammar and spell checking; the dictionary is her rule book! 'I add a more “academic” flair to Annie and Oskar's knowledge. For example, Tim will teach them about trees and wood, but I’ll teach them about homophones; “wood” and “would” '. Exciting.




Keep up to date

We are a very close team  made up of family and friends, and have a lot of laughs each day. We would like to share with you some of our favorite moments aswell as what interests and inspires us via our blog page. For now, have a look at the photos below for a little taster...


Come and see us at a show...

We appear at a number of events throughout the year where we demonstrate our woven fencing and hedge laying. We would love to see you, and would be happy to discuss any ideas you have for up coming projects- or answer any questions you may have. You can find out our show calendar for this year here.

 If you are organising an event and would like us to demonstrate our work at it, then please don't hesitate to contact us

We saw the WonderWood team weaving a willow pod at the Bucks County show... what a brilliant display! They were even kind enough to let the kids have a go at weaving!
— Buckingham Show

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